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A session with a horse... More than meets the eye

We have everything in us to be complete, to be whole. Sometimes we are not aware of all there is in us, of all that we carry, of all that or someone who we exclude, of all that we have incorporated in our system - often from generation upon generation, like it is passed on in our cells, in our DNA.

Some things are ours to acknowledge, to thank for, to appreciate, to accept, to include, other things are good to say thank you to and then letting go, because they are not ours to keep, not ours to own, not ours to carry in our heart, in our system - even if it feels like betrayal when we think of letting it go.

But realize how wonderful it is to have a close, a loving and intimate look into yourself, your soul, your system and have a horse facilitate that. There is so much more to discover, to see and to feel than meets the eye when you allow a horse to work with you and with love for your system in the approach of systemic constellation coaching. love, Clara

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