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Un Cover

The snow covering the world with its soft layer, making everything beautiful, magical, enchanted. Take a closer look and then you will see underneath it is a pile of wood disorderly placed on the ground - a true disarray of wood. Still beautiful, but needs some attention, needs some tidying up, needs some ballast to go. It is such a nice metaphor for how we as humans cover our lives with ideas, thoughts, paradigms of who we are, who we want to be, how we live our lives, who we allow to be an important part in our lives - making it look so beautiful. We can look so beautiful on the outside, we can speak so eloquently about what we believe, be stubborn and opinionated about how we are truly doing, what we find important, but if we do not have our internal 'house' in order, if our exteriority does not match our interior true feelings, our true self, we will find ourselves in trouble sooner than later. Because as we all know…snow does melt and then everything that lies beneath is more than visible. Hence, it is so important to be who you are, and even more important to be able to truly look at yourself and know that it is time to get that disorder in order to find your true inner voice and start listening to that, allow yourself to make that profound change. Then you will be able to break free from all that is restricting you to be able to reach your full potential as a human, as a friend, as a person. Spring is coming soon…..time to clean up and get rid of some covering!

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