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Trust ~ Real ~Inspiring ~Brave ~ Empowering


ICU Horsecoaching is pleased to work with teams and groups when it comes to improving team dynamics, team building and understanding the importance of purpose greater than self and what it means to become a Tribe. Oftentimes people at work struggle with issues that have to do with trust, criticism, ineffective communication, fear, politics and stress.
We have developed a program that will support individuals and teams to make positive steps towards building resiliency, pleasant and effective communication, able to get to know each other truly as a person versus a person in a position, how to connect and communicate more effectively and honestly. Our program will give insight and will give the experience in the importance of being part of a TRIBE. A Tribe needs a basis of trust, where people can be real, where they inspire each other and their surroundings, are challenged to be brave to be vulnerable, to learn new things and empower themselves and others.
Trust – Real – Inspire – Brave – Empower(ment)


Our way of working is a combination of mind, body, heart and hands approach. We give people experiences, which will trigger their mind in how to solve things, how to look at their own perspective on things, will help in starting a reflective process and a step towards a real change. We do body work to help people ground, be in the here and now, breathe and relax – Tai Chi and Yoga. We touch on heart matters like trust, vulnerability, openness, authenticity, connection– all the nonverbal things that actually really matter the most. We work with horses, with art, and hands are literally hands-on. We share stories and find the connection of all the elements combined.


We use innovative, creative, grounding and strong relationship building tools in our trainings, based on a contemporary application of the monomyth by Joseph Campbell; the Hero’s Journey, for personal transformation and empowerment. We combine systemic constellations with equine assisted learning and development, meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Art and Storytelling.

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