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We run multiple day retreats and programs for a diversity of groups, including special programs for veterans suffering from PTS, moral injury, suicide ideation and trauma and organise corporate team trainings. All this based on The Hero's Journey; meditation working with horses, systemic constellation work, ceremonies, art, yoga and Tai Chi.


Clara & Lynn

Working with and from the heart

Let the beauty we love, be what we do. ~ Rumi


Founder and executive director – lead facilitator.

Since horses came into Clara's life in 2003, they had a life changing impact on her.

Clara has more than 28 years of experience in the Corporate world in Human Resources, working with teams, coaching executives and managers.
The last 10 years Clara has been working with teams, individuals, groups, families and Veterans, active Military and First Responders with PTSD and suffering from Moral Injury in multiple day programs assisted by horses. Clara spent 2 months in South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation taking care of Wild Horses and was invited by the Lakota Sioux Tribe to participate and be present at many indigenous ceremonies. Clara lived in the US for 3,5 years and worked extensively with Veterans with PTSD and Moral Injury.


Tai Chi and Yoga instructor, Art & Creative process facilitator. Lynn is a US Army Veteran. Lynn served in the US military for more than 10 years and was deployed to Iraq. Lynn has extensive experience as a peer group counselor in working with groups with trauma and using Art as a form of expressing themes. Lynn combines Tai Chi Easy with mindfulness practices and teaches yoga in an accessible and inviting way.


We are facilitating clients in their self-growth, in their finding and following their soul's and heart's purpose.
If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, have a quest for your life but don't know how to move forward, have an open mind and heart to look inside for growth, our services aim to introduce heart connection, clarity and self-motivation to take the steps you want to take in life to experience true happiness.

We also teach techniques to better manage the emotional stress of everyday life.

Life is truly about connection, vulnerability and authenticity.

We strongly believe in the innate ability of each person to heal. 

Horses whisper to us: 'I see you.' Horses see us as we truly are and they show that directly to us in all honesty and authenticity.

No judgement, no prejudice.

Besides our core team, we have a broad network of colleagues in the field who we work with regularly and are skilled in a diversity of areas that touch on working with people, people dynamics, health and joy.


What people say

Happy Clients

We are passionate about facilitating growth, personal insights and opening perspectives. We work with and from our heart with our clients. What they take with them from working with us, matters to us. What they say about their experience and our services is incredibly important to us. Read the testimonials below to get an idea of the experiences that past clients have had with our services, and get in touch with us today.


"I first met Clara to learn about her Coaching offerings to see if I could engage her to do sessions Leaders at my company. Her kindness, empathy and wisdom were apparent from the first instant and as she described some of her offerings, I asked if she would Coach me. Two months later, I found myself back in Vorden, at the stables where she conducts her sessions - any horse and nature lovers dream. We then spent the afternoon doing: Tai Chi; 1:1 sessions with two horses; and a ceremony where I was left to process and let go of the people and behaviours I had identified as no longer serving me. The most dramatic point which led to a personal break through came ten minutes into interacting with Clara and the horses. I reached a level of self-understanding that removed the last layer of understanding of a behaviour that had previously served me all my life but which I knew I needed to let go of. Her compassionate, gentle and reassuring manner, combined with the intuition of the horses worked magic. If you are open to the sensitivities of animals and a Coach that will guide you with compassion and sincerity, I cannot recommend Clara enough!"


“Clara has partnered with Save A Warrior where I am a Board Member in helping change/ save lives challenged with Post Traumatic Stress by Mentoring and leading Equine Therapy. She exemplifies purpose greater than self serving others. She provides healing with immense love and compassion. I highly recommend Clara!”



"Your wisdom is as vast as the sea, and belies your years. Thank you for guiding us through a very difficult journey to freedom with the strength of a warrior and the passion of a mother. How you
balance all that power, with still treating us as valuable is awe inspiring. I apologize if it doesn’t make sense. There is so much I want to acknowledge and thank you for. It is a little overwhelming. I’ll just let you know that I will always hold you close in my heart.”


“Clara is a very professional coach, with warm human involvement and commitment. Clara guides each participant lovingly to the core question and with the horses as her co-coaches and her knowledge of systemic work insights become clear, so you can continue back on your life’s path . Special to have been able to capture her love for people and horses in the photos!”


“A very beautiful and valuable experience that I would not have wanted to miss. The pleasant and quiet guidance of Clara makes you feel at ease quickly and that which emerges is allowed to be there. I found the idea of the contact with the horse quite exciting. It turned out to be very well managed. I recommend this workshop to anyone, with or without a specific request, to better understand the themes that play in your life. Thank you, Clara and keep it up!”


“During our Tweedaagse directeuren stichting KOMT you showed us that horses have something special to offer to humans. In your work as a trainer coach with horses you where able to help us in finding an better connection with ourselves, the horses and other members of our group. It was all about true connection and the way the horses where tuning in on my (our) energy. In working with horses you helped me in showing and growing in my possibilities.”


We love hearing back from our clients, so please share your feedback with us to share here.

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