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Cross the Threshold

Support That Makes a Difference
Special Retreats for Veterans, Acitve Military and First Responders

Are you dealing with Post Traumatic Stress, Moral Injury, Suicide Ideation and Trauma? Are you looking for an innovative way of working on the issues that weigh you down, hold you hostage and cause stress, depression, fear and loneliness? Contact us to find out more about the programs we offer especially for you. Cross the Threshold and reach out.

5 day program -
Meet the Hero within

Your own Hero's Journey

In a 5 day program specifically for Veterans, Active Military and First Responders we offer an innovative and holistic based program to walk parallel paths of healing. We incorporate nature walks, horse sessions, rituals and ceremonies, meditation, art, yoga and Tai Chi. This program will give you tools to deal with life and all it brings. It is an intensive program where the key is in experiencing and sharing.


Our way of working

Guidance & Inspiration

Our way of working is a combination of mind, body, heart and hands approach. We give people experiences, which will trigger their mind in how to solve things, how to look at their own perspective on things, will help in starting a reflective process and a step towards a real change. We do body work to help people ground, be in the here and now, breathe and relax – Tai Chi and Yoga. We touch on heart matters like trust, vulnerability, openness, authenticity, connection– all the nonverbal things that actually really matter the most. We work with horses, with art, and hands are literally hands-on. We share stories and find the connection of all the elements combined.

Building a community

Servant Leadership

The Warriors who participate in our programs become part of our growing community of servant leaders.
Are you ready to open the door, cross the threshold and start your hero's journey?
Contact us today!

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