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Horses are poetry in motion

Let's walk together side by side Let's be in the moment, each as we are, nothing to hide Let's enjoy and be thankful for the blessings we receive each day For walking this earth in peace, health and harmony For having kindness in our spirit, love in our heart Let's walk together side by side…..always For we are connected, for we are friends, Keeping the circle strong and understanding the purpose of who we are and where we belong. ~ Clara The beauty of horses is that they do not judge. Instead they find a way of true connection in purity and authenticity. Our four legged friends, the sacred horses, teach us many wise lessons about humility, life and who we truly are - always without judging. It is just up to us to listen and learn, listen with our heart, listen with our spirit, listen with our whole being and taking these lessons with us in our development, growth and our happiness.

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